Monday, 14 March 2016

Army Builder: WFB3 - v2.5

Version 2.5 of the WFB3 army builder data files have been published. They can be downloaded through a licensed Army Builder or at the link below. Just open the file with AB and follow the installation instructions.

Version 2.5 is available for download at and includes the following features:

Version 2.5 10th March 2016

  • FIX: Manticore max fly range from 2 to 24 inch.
  • FIX: Removed +1 save when mounted on war beast
  • General: Added all spell summeries.
  • General: Added compatible Chaos Dwarf army list from 4th/5th edition.
  • High Elves: Added compatible units from 4th/5th edition.
  • Dark Elves: Added compatible units from 4th/5th edition.

Submitting Bugs

PLEASE include the race the problem occurs with, and any info I need to reproduce it (e.g. units to add etc.). You can report bugs on our blog or here.


  1. I think I found two bugs:

    1) In Chaos Tzeentch army only characters and hosts are present.

    2) When creating a champion with the slaanesh army list, if the slaanesh gift "Crossbreed" is selected the champion turns immediately in a chaos spawn. The bug is not present with the chaos attribute "Crossbreed".

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